“Secular Theology”

It seems that my intellectual and emotional life is constantly in flux.  Whether I consider myself an atheist or a progressive Christian, a Buddhist or a hallowed secularist, there is always some part of me that desires the fruits of the opposing viewpoint.  I cherish the meaning and purpose of religion, just as I am enraptured by the freedom and honesty of atheism.  And, strangely, I find myself wondering if perhaps there is some middle road which satisfies both my intellectual doubts and my existential yearnings.

I wonder if some how, some way, all of the various threads and strands of my life–my religious youth and my secular adulthood, my pastoral work and my fascination with science, my existential angst and my intellectual curiosity–will one day find a way to commingle.  Will I ever find a way to remain true to my doubtful questions and my passionate hope that life is more than hedonism, biology, and evolution?  Am I to live my life in this dissatisfied state, or will I find a meaningful outlet for my quiet exploration of non-traditional, non-theistic God images?

Bishop Spong once wrote that none of us now possess the whole truth.  With such a conviction in mind, I turn toward the future.  A future which moves beyond unrestrained and undue religious and secular certainty.  A path that celebrates both the powerful mystery and cosmic finiteness of human life.  I am in pursuit of something called secular theology.  What such a discipline looks like, I can only guess.


~ by eternaldode on 10 June 2010.

One Response to ““Secular Theology””

  1. I am pleased and privileged to follow you on your journey. You, my son, are truly blessed. 🙂

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