A Changed World Calls for a Changed Theology

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Given the fact that we learn more, know more, and have access to more information about our universe, ourselves, and every other conceivable subject than ancient civilizations did, why is it that we assume they know more about God than we do?  Most religions have a backward cast eye, always looking to the religious texts and forebears from centuries ago as the authoritative words of truth.

There is a place for the past in the modern world.  Ancient mythologies and religions have a wealth of wisdom for modern people.  But it is time we stop assuming that ancient religious traditions have all the answers we seek.  It is time we begin to function like adults and determine for ourselves what is true.

We as a species know more than ever.  We have something utterly unique and revolutionary to say about the Mystery which envelops us all.  Theology need not remain frozen in orthodox perspectives from thousands of years ago; indeed, it will not look anything like the creeds and dogmas of yesterday, if it has truly appropriated the information we are now privy to.  It is time to grow beyond our past and begin to see how God fits into the knowledge we have attained; it is time to recast our God-images, and cast them radically different.


~ by eternaldode on 2 October 2009.

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