God as the Thread of Life

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Perhaps if we could step back from it all, we would see that there is a coherence to our lives–a thread woven throughout that gives our existence substance and meaning and continuity.

This is what I mean when I refer to God.  i do not mean a being with a personality, a will, a plan; I simply mean that there is an Unseen, a depth to human existence that goes beyond the merely obvious, superficial, or material.  Religious traditions recognized this coherence, this thread which seemed to carry their lives and connect them to their past and future.  They gave it a name and spoke of it as a directing hand, a guiding being, a Person.  I can believe in no such person, but I can recognize the value in the religious experiences of the Other, the Unseen.  What is required now is a reinterpretation of this “thread of life,” without the religious trappings of superstitious and supernatural ideologies.

“God” is the coherence which binds our lives together, the thread which weaves through all of reality.  Not as a being, but nevertheless as an authoritative and transformative Mystery that calls us to awaken to a fuller way of being human and a broader view of what “existence” might mean.

[This post is indebted to the insights of Bruce Ledewitz of “Hallowed Secularism.”  In particular, it is inspired by this post:  What Makes Hallowed Secularism Hallowed? In all likelihood, you’ll probably find me referring to this website and Ledewitz more often, as his work has helped me begin to imagine a reasonable alternative to both theism and atheism].


~ by eternaldode on 30 September 2009.

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