The Deeper Reality

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“I don’t believe in God.”

For many religious people, such an assertion is the end of the road.  It is an abandonment of the journey, an admission of surrender to the encroaching attacks of atheism, godlessness, and sin.  For the atheist, such a statement may very well be a sign of victory, of freedom from the fairy tales and wishmaking of humanity’s superstitious past; it is a statement of rejection of God, any god, all gods and is, thus, the successful culmination of a journey out of darkness and into the light of reason.

For most, hearing this confession likely creates a notion that the one uttering it is a materialist, with no belief in any sort of deeper reality or meaning in existence.  That we are simply here, the biological products of an evolutionary process, and any discussion of morality, spirituality, or holiness is only a philosophical attempt to fill the emptiness of the universe.

However, for some of us, this utterance is only the beginning of an honest exploration of what it means to be spiritual, what it means to be holy, and what it means to be human.  Casting aside the blinding and superstitious God-images of religion, we embark on a journey into mystery that does not deny that there is hope, there is beauty, and there is holiness in this world.  The advancement of human knowledge of the universe and ourselves precludes our belief in a mythical God-Being who creates, intervenes, and directs the flow of history; it does not preclude our belief in living a truly abundant life, the kind that Jesus promised.

I do not believe in God.  But that does not mean I believe in nothing.  I believe there is a deeper reality that transcends the materialistic; I just cannot agree with the religious that this deeper meaning is adequately or even appropriately represented by belief in a mythical, magical being called “God.”


~ by eternaldode on 21 September 2009.

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