Seven Easy Steps to Your Spiritual Success

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I am incredibly annoyed (if slightly amused) by the shallow, superficial spirituality that has infected so much of modern Christianity.  To quote Eugene Peterson, “Surveyed as a whole, we are immersed in probably the most immature and mindless religion… that any culture has ever witnessed.”

I did a search today for “finding salvation” and was greeted with hundreds of pages offering me “God’s plan of salvation,” “the process of conversion,” and the “steps to salvation.”  All of these, as you can imagine from the titles, amount to little more than a five-step program boiling down the infinitely complex world of faith into a memorable, infantile checklist.  Some can even get it boiled down to a three step program!

Is God really so simple?  I thought that connecting with God was about a life-long journey into the greatest Mystery in the universe.  Yet here I learn that this salvation is available to us if we merely follow a checklist!  If spirituality is really so superficial as that, if it requires nothing of myself except for adherence to the ridiculous “ABCs of salvation,” then I’d rather not possess it.  It would be like finding out that the meaning of life is “Cheese.”  Wouldn’t you rather not know?  Five-step spirituality simply boils down the amazing allure and beautiful mystery of life and of God into some trite, cliched catch-phrase.

All I can say to the superficial religion that is so pervasive in modern America is this:  Grow up.  Seven steps are not going to bring anyone to spiritual enlightenment.  The road to spiritual enlightenment (in theistic religion, anyway) is a lifelong journey into the wonder and mystery of God.  And that cannot be contained in a pithy saying.


~ by eternaldode on 25 August 2009.

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