Wake Up…

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Sometimes I lose myself in a kind of waking sleep.  I may be at the library, or in class, or at work; and I simply drift off, away from everything else.  The world vanishes, and I realize, I recognize, I know nothing.  I do not even know that I am asleep–that waking sleep–until, a few moments later, I reawaken to the world.  Often, ten minutes has passed without me, my awareness cut off from life with stretches of lost, darkened, empty time.

Conversations I was privy to; lessons that should be learned; moments of supreme clarity and beauty, all missed in that darkness of waking sleep.

Everything moves so quickly, and I rush to whatever comes next.  Like the city, I never sleep.  But am I ever truly awake?  Life passes unnoticed and the eye fails to see that which is crucial.  We walk, we talk, we act; but we are asleep.  We miss the conversation of eternity, the dance of the universe, the Mystery of existence.  What is essential cannot be seen with the eye, and in our waking sleep we fail to engage life in its fullest sense.

There are parts of life that require a unique kind of awakening to participate in.  An awakening from the daze of empty, valueless, objective existence.  The subjective calls; experience calls to those who walk in a waking sleep.  See.  Hear.  Live.  Awaken.

This city sleeps.  Let us wake it now, before we lie down in sleep forever.


~ by eternaldode on 24 August 2009.

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